The Electric Shock

Electric Shock is an expression used to describe an injurious exposure to electricity, meaning, an excess amount of electricity. The shock that I, a resident of the city of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, experience every day is the complete opposite of that  – an absence of electricity.

The usual power cut all summer long has been an official eight hours and uncountable unofficial ones. Every moment we have had to first check on the availability of electricity before proceeding onto any work. Even with the comforts of inverters and gen sets, there was a constant struggle with everyday chores.

Every morning the first checkpoint was to see whether there is water flowing in our taps as the motor had not worked due to no electricity.

My mother had to struggle with the day’s menu as no dish which required an oven / microwave for cooking could even be thought about.

Televisions and air conditioners were now absolute luxuries.

After watching the movie ‘Katiyabaaz’, a documentary on the electric situation in Kanpur, I ended up with a lot of sympathies for the officials within our governmental system. There are a lot of layers to the problem at hand and for sure efforts are being made towards betterment. But when I get out of my house and see all the streetlights glaring all day under the sun, my anger towards the system is back in its place. With a minimum twelve-hour power cut each day is it not their responsibility to save some by just switching off a simple street light!!

I am blessed to be able to afford luxuries like inverters and gen sets. It is beyond even my comprehension to imagine the life with such power outages for those who cannot afford them.

A month back the ruling party of the state had announced that there were to be no power cuts at all till the month of January. Regretfully, our lives are exactly the same and once again a political promise is just another one to be brushed under the carpet.

Thankfully, there is a some respite with the weather change, but who knows when the shock is going to end.


Bliss at the Vineyard


Rains!! The most beautiful two months of the roller coaster seasons of India. This monsoon I have had the loveliest drive from Mumbai to Nashik over the last weekend. It was an even bigger welcome change for me coming from the north which is not so abundant in rain yet.

A surprise birthday plan for my sister, beautifully executed by my brother in law, great company with some friends and lots of wine!!! And top that with a picturesque drive in the rain.

We stayed at the Beyond Vineyard Resort by Sula. A Beautiful property with comfortable (yet not so extravagantly furnished) rooms and an infinity pool opening to a vineyard and then to the lake.


First afternoon was spent chilling in the pool with some wine and lots of laughs. Then came a little downer. Dinner was at the French restaurant – Soleil at the Sula Vineyard. It had completely confused interiors, ill equipped staff and some cold and tasteless food. After a talk with the manager, we managed a decent main course atleast. Back to our resort and the night continued with wine and music, sitting at our room porch amid a cool breeze.

Next morning was wine tasting at the vineyard, another non-friendly experience. Nonetheless we managed to finish and leave for our drive back to Mumbai. And that is when moods got back to being cheerful as there was a downpour throughout the drive and the foothills seemed like top of the hills. We stopped midway for a leisurely lunch at the Midway Park Resort, resumed our journey, got back and sprawled in bed for the rest of the evening.

To sum it up, The Beyond Resort had a beautiful feel. The stay was lovely. But they need to put a little more looking into training of staff to reach a certain quality of service. Also for the charges, the rooms etc can be a lot more than just basic which is what they are right now. The same if for the Vineyard. Overall Sula needs to work on their hospitality front a lot more.

Even after all this, the weekend was a breath of fresh air. The drive, the rain and the company all will make me want to do it again.